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Virtual Dojo Details

The Virtual Dojo is an online alternative to either learn from scratch or to enhance one's knowledge of Isshinryu Karate. It presents all aspects of Isshinryu including Upper Body Basics, Basic Kicks, 8 Empty Hand Katas, bunkai or the application of techniques, real world self-defense and more. 


Each lesson was created by Sensei Norbert Donnelly and is presented in a clear, unbiased fashion just as the founder, Tatsuo Shimabuku taught it.

You will learn the foundations and history of the system along with punching, kicking and striking techniques and forms.

Your monthly membership provides your key to the exclusive content contained in the Virtual Dojo. Unlike some traditional dojos who insist on an annual contract, the Visual Dojo renews automatically each month and may be cancelled at any time. Often due to distance or scheduling, it is simply not practical for everyone to work out at a traditional dojo. The Virtual Dojo is available when and where it's convenient for you - anywhere, anytime - without the added expense of travel, uniforms, or annual commitments.  Our basic level membership will teach you all aspects of the Isshinryu System. Our advanced level membership provides even greater detail of the application of techniques, going beyond simple blocking and striking.

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