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Senset Norbert Donnelly

In 1966, Norbert Donnelly began training in Isshinryu at a dojo located in Detroit, Michigan. After earning his black belt, he spent the next ten years training students in the martial art that he loved so much. Karate was in its heyday and everyone was anxious to learn.  Today, he is widely recognized as a leading contributor to the further expansion of Isshinryu. Through his teaching, seminars, video productions, and books he shares his knowledge and insights based on fifty years experience and over 150 Tournament Championships including three straight Michigan State Karate Championships in Black Belt Kata and Sparring. 


Sensei Donnelly has brought Isshinryu to thousands of students, having operated a number of full-time dojos in addition to conducting classes at the Wayne County Police Academy, University of Michigan, Madonna College, Oakland Community College, Cranbrook Institute of Technology, and many high schools throughout the Detroit area. 


He holds numerous copyrights, including the first book ever published on Isshinryu Karate,  and one patent. His books and DVD's are clear, concise, and easy to understand, and reflect his total commitment to producing only the highest quality instructional materials on Isshinryu Karate. 

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