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1. Members agree that they have been advised that a high speed internet connection is crucial to the satisfaction of

2. Members agree not to share their password with others. If your password is used by two concurrent sessions on, your account will be disabled. You will need to send an email to to have your account unlocked. Continued attempts to share passwords or circumvent the system may subject you to dismissal from membership on

3. agrees to make every effort to keep the site up and running but in the event that the site goes down temporarily there will be no partial refund of membership fees for these interruptions.

4. All online videos hosted on our platform are protected by copyright and are intended for online streaming only. Any downloading, copying, or redistribution of our videos without explicit written permission from the content owner is strictly prohibited. Violating these terms may result in legal action and the termination of your access to our services. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in respecting intellectual property rights. 

5. All support issues will be emailed to and these issues will be handled in the order that they are received. You may also file a support issue via the members section of the website

6. Members agree that karate is a strenuous activity and that before engaging in a karate regimen, members would be well advised to consult a physician. Furthermore, members agree that the techniques demonstrated on this website can cause serious physical injury, or death, and members agree to hold harmless Sensei Norbert Donnelly, his students, The Isshinryu System, NAV Masters LLC, it’s subsuidiaries, and for any injuries sustained while attempting to execute the techniques demonstrated on this website.

7. By accepting this agreement, members agree that they are at least 18 years of age and using their real name and credit card information for all payment on

8. Membership in the Online Dojo is a monthly subscription. Monthly charges are billed to their credit card or payment method you selected at time of purchase. Membership may be cancelled at anytime by going to the My Subscription tab in the members profile. There are no full or partial refunds for any cancellation.

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